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They were not negritoes or austrics. Ramesh Anant S. The first election was held in Goa on 14 Jan 1822, electing 3 locals as members of Parliament.[66]. Registration No. The Portuguese quickly established sea ports on the Malabar coast, and by virtue of their superior seapower, managed to divert most of the European spice trade onto their own vessels. At the same time, they initiated the Goa Inquisition. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. FIBIS resources St. According to the Parshurama legend, Parashurama, the sixth reincarnation of Vishnu faced with an order of banishment from the lands that he had once conquered, sets seven arrows fly from the Sahydris to push back the sea and create a stretch of land which he could claim for himself. Jean de Thvenot in 1666, Baldaeus in 1672, and Fryer in 1675 describe its ever-increasing poverty and decay. The Shilaharas of South Konkan ruled Goa from 755 till 1000 AD.Sannaphulla the founder of the dynasty was a vassal of the Rashtrakutas.Their copper-plate inscriptions suggest that they ruled from Vallipattana(there is no unanimity amongst the scholors regarding identification of Vallipattana,some identify it with Balli in Goa,or it may either be Banda or Kharepatan in modern-day state of Maharashtra), Chandrapura and Gopakapattana.[34] This was a tumultuous period in Goan history. ^ Purabhilekh-puratatva: Journal of the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology (Volume 2 ed.). Banerjea (2005).


They introduced the Inquisition in 1560 and persecuted the Syrian Christians of Malabar. Goa Konkani akademi. Jobs 2016even Goa state basis exam, where question comes from Goa states only like GoaTET . Many other copper plates, have also been recovered from other places in Goa which date from the 3rd century BC to the 8th century AD. "7th National Conference on Marine Archaeology of Indian Ocean Countries: Session V". Sassoon state that between the Inquisition's beginning in 1561 and its temporary abolition in 1774, some 16,202 persons were brought to trial. The Kings and their queens built many Shiva temples as they were devote Shaivites. Indian rock art and its global context. pp.156 pages(see page 2021). Portuguese conquest and colonisation[edit]. pp.(see page 70). Though the smallest Indian state, Goa has played an influential role in Indian history. e913ce18fc

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